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A wicked wizard in a magic forest somewhere far off is a theme you can look forward to now. Wherever you look, you can see magical spectacles, potions, luring atmospheres, and a great deal of vibrant colours and cool animations. It is all made somewhat cartoonish and it has been made to look both amusing and very alluring. We proudly present; Balthazars Wild Emporium, a game brought to you by Core Gaming. 

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For them, staying on the forefront of gaming technology with high technology, mixed with games of thrilling themes, rewarding features, graphics and designs that can lure all players in, and unique gamplays. Another game offered at right now is, Pharaohs Wild Video Slot. 

We proudly present; Balthazars Wild Emporium! Let´s start. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium main game

Balthazars Wild Emporium Video Slot is one offering you all qualities mentioned above, a game filled with great animations and vibrant layouts and graphics. The backdrop and scenery of the game is one that takes you to a magic forest with quirky little wagons, poison, olden day style, a cartoony graphic, and you will also get to meet the wicked magician behind it all. 

The symbols on the reels are all made to suit the theme of the game flawlessly, with magical qualities and values. The lower valued symbols are the standard card deck symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace – all worth from 500 to 1000 when landing on five of a kind. This when playing on the max bet. The higher valued symbols are then the purple book of potions, the box of three potions, the wicked magician in a red cape, high hat, and green feather, as well as the golden coin. These are then worth between 1500 and 2000 when landing five of a kind. 

Apart from these basic symbols, there are also a few extra special symbols to keep a lookout for when spinning the reels. You can see the round Wild Symbol with golden details, as well as the yellow, blue, and purple container of potions – and these can award you staggering amount of Free Spins. We will reveal all about these shortly. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium theme, graphics, and music

When starting Balthazars Wild Emporium Video Slot, you can instantly see the vibrant and fun atmosphere of the game. Wherever you look, the animations and symbols, with the backdrop and its assets all takes you to a feel of magical events and happenings. You can feel the vibes of the wicked wizard that uses his magic potions during the gameplay to randomly appear from a pillar of green smoke and grant you some potioness wins and features. 

The designs and graphics of the game are very well-made, inspired by just the mentioned above – a world of magic. The backdrop takes you to the green wavy hills of this magical forest. Here you can see the wizards´ wagon of wood, where he keeps all his secret potions. In front of the entrance to this forest, are the reel set. Next to this you have a batch of green, smoking potion, with colourful and vibrant animations on the reels and wherever you rest your eye. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium payout

Balthazars Wild Emporium Video Slot offers you a gameplay with 5 reels on 3 rows and additional 20 paylines to play your bets on. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium bonus game

Balthazars Wild Emporium offers a great deal of features, and quite rewarding ones too, but a Bonus Game is not one of them. But if you enjoy a theme inspired by magical magicians in a forest and an additional Bonus, then you should check out Magic Pot from GamesOS. This is a game set right here, with a Bonus Game that can grant you some huge coin wins. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium free spins

Any two of the various coloured potions can trigger Free Spins – all three can trigger three different features. These can land on reels 1 and 2 and the Feature then starts and you will be awarded a number of Free Spins, depending on which spells lands on the reels. 

You will then go to the Gamble part of the Free Spins, where you can choose to Gamble your Free Spins to make them go higher, or lower. 

For example, the purple potion firstly awards you 5 Free Spins, and in the Gamble feature you can choose to gamble and collect. If you gamble all of your spins to 100%, you can get up to a staggering 500 Free Spins with Stacked Wilds. The blue potion can at 100% reach up to 750 Free Spins with Expanding Wilds, and the yellow potion can then award up to 1000 Free Spins with Colossal Wilds. This is as mentioned when gambling them 100%. 

Balthazars Wild Emporium extra features

Above all of this, there are also five smaller, but very rewarding extras in the game that can be triggered randomly in the game – this when Balthazar appears. He will then turn a losing spin into a winning one. 

Potions Wild: this adds more Wilds or Colossal Wilds to the reels. 

Dr. Burns: this burns off the symbols in view to reveal a new win. 

Magic Respin: the reels will then Re-spin and turn into a winning combination. 

Snake Eye: the symbols will here shuffle, snake-like, to reveal a high win. 

Déjà vu: this can rewind to become a potion symbols.

As you might guess – this is a magical game offering you lots of features and extras, ones you will be able to enjoy from tremendously. 

Good luck.