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Auto Roulette Introduction

For most people, roulette wheel is the first game that comes to mind when they think of a casino. It is such a classic image of casino gameplay that most of us don’t bother to pause and think about its origins. 

In the original roulette wheel, the numbers went from 1-36 and there was one zero and one double zero pockets. Eventually, the double zero pocket was removed and the game became known as European Roulette. On the other hand, when the game reached America, the double zero pocket was added again, giving the house a higher edge and resulting in American Roulette. 

In modern times, the game of roulette has transitioned with great success to online forms. In fact, Live Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming allows you to play the game on any device, from anywhere and still enjoy the authentic casino experience. Auto Roulette is even more innovative as it is played without a live dealer and uses instead an advanced, fully-automated, precision wheel.

Auto Roulette Game Features

Evolution Gaming’s Live Auto Roulette is possibly the most exciting and authentic Roulette experience you can get anywhere. The gameplay is a top-notch experience and players can choose from a selection of game views and rich features such as Chat, Game History, Statistics, Hot and Cold Numbers, a Personal Favourite Bets Menu, and a mobile play option that allows full screen HD video. 

Live Auto Roulette offer players the following betting possibilities.

Inside Bets

This occurs when a player bets on a single number and wins, thus guaranteeing themselves the best payout at 35:1. Inside bets can be placed on one number, two digits, three numbers, four digits, and six numbers. The difference between these wagers is according to where the chips are placed on the grid in relation to the numbers.

Outside Bets

This form of betting takes place when chips are placed on the outer part of the grid. Outside bets can be column bets, dozen bets, red or black bets, odd or even bets, or small or large bets.

Neighbour Bets

Evolution Live Auto Roulette offers the possibility of neighbour betting, which is carried out when the uncommon player clicks on different points in the oval shape above the base field, thus increasing their chances of special investments and deals.

Auto Roulette Rules

Evolution Live Auto Roulette follows the rules of a European Roulette table with 37 pockets on the wheel numbered 0 to 36. On the Roulette table, one can also find the number grid, which lists all the possible outcomes of a spin. When playing, you place your chips on any single outcome or combination of outcomes, and according to where you place the chips, your odds and potential payout are determined. 

The gameplay itself is incredibly simple. Once the stakes are placed, the automated Roulette wheel starts turning, signifying the start of a round. When the ball stops, the result is clearly marked and the winnings are paid based on the bets that were placed by the player before the round. As soon as a round ends, it is followed by another one and the player has the chance to make a new wager.

Auto Roulette Graphics and Sound

As with all of its other live games, Evolution Gaming offers videos of live games for anyone interested in starting their casino experience. The live gameplay feed of Auto Roulette boasts stunning graphics and high-quality sound, which means the player really feels as if they are sitting at a real Roulette table.  

Both inside and outside betting options are clearly marked on screen and are easily distinguishable from the blue fabric of the table. The only sounds that the player hears while playing are the automated wheel as it turns, and the ball clicking before it settles into its final resting spot.

Auto Roulette Conclusion

For anyone who wishes to get into the world of live casino, Auto Roulette is a fantastic way to do so as you are free to follow the pace of the gameplay without a croupier. It also offers an interesting variation for seasoned players, since they can get to experience what is probably the smoothest and fastest variant of roulette thanks to the fully automated wheel and ball. 

Be part of this experience at today and try your luck on Live Auto Roulette!