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Play Atlantis World online: Check out our slot review below

It is time to get sucked far down below our world, into the deep and mysterious Atlantis and this hidden underwater world. This is a video slot brought to you by a grand game provider, GameArt. We are proudly presenting Atlantis World.

GameArt is an independent online casino software provider and developer of cutting-edge games which they in its turn deliver to the biggest operators in the markets. GameArt was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 20 years experience in both the online and land-based industry. They created GameArt and turned it into a B2B provider with offices across Europe. Their employees work tirelessly to provide high-quality slot games with innovative and creative themes based on the client's request and desires.

Another great example of what GameArt can do is Atlantis World with its amazing graphics and design, combined with rewarding features and a high entertainment value. 

Atlantis World Base game

The moment you enter Atlantis World you will be showered in bright and vibrant colours along with some fascinating animations, making the feeling of the game very enjoyable and peaceful. It is filled with attractive attributes, and it is glowing in its presence. The sense of being down in this mysterious world quickly takes over, and it is very easy to fall for the game, keeping you playing hour after hour. 

The symbols are all very well-made, a mix of grand animations and classic symbols with a twist related to the theme of the game. Some of these symbols are sea lions, Poseidon, Amphitrite, the various coloured dolphins, the golden sphere sign for Atlantis, and the classic card deck symbols ranging from 9 to Ace. 

The card deck symbols are the lower paying ones, and the rest is the more rewarding symbols. Among the normal symbols, the blue dolphin encrusted in golden jewellery and necklaces is the highest paying. But you also have a few special symbols, one of them is the golden dolphin which is the games´ Wild symbol, and the rounded golden sphere for Atlantis which is the Scatter symbol. We will get more into how these and more can reward you soon. 

Atlantis World game theme, graphics, and music

Atlantis – the lost city of the ancient world. This is clearly the inspiration behind Atlantis World video slot, and it is a theme well-made by GameArt. 

I am sure everyone has heard of Atlantis, the lost world. It is an infamous phenomenon that was first brought up by a philosopher around 2.300 years ago. But then why is this tale still being told to this day? Atlantis is a very fascinating and enchanting story, and it captures people's attention. Atlantis and its story about the half man half god that created a civilization on the island. A lush island containing gold, silver, and had an exotic wildlife. 

The myth says that the inhabitants of this island became greedy and lost all moral, which lead to the gods becoming angry. The punishment was that the gods then sent one terrible night of fire and earthquakes, this caused Atlantis to sink into the sea. 

To this day no one knows where this supposed island is, it is said to be in the Meditterian, in Spain, some say in Greece, and others say in Malta. But maybe this is the breakthrough needed; Atlantis World is here to challenge the myth and proof how real it does seem! 

The design and graphics portrait the theme correctly; you will dive right down to the bottom, experiencing the Atlantis for real. The details of the game are simply fascinating. You will see the background of the pillars that used to stand so tall, now in ruins, with the statues of the sea lion all while the sun sheds light from above the surface, highlighting the details laying on the bottom of the sea. The blue and golden colours are stunning, with golden spires coming off some specific symbols. 

Atlantis World Payout

Atlantis World offers 5 reels and 50 paylines. You place coin values between 0.01 and 0.50 coins per two lines. This way it is possible to bet between €0.50 up to a max bet of €12.50 per spin.

The max payout per spin is of 1000x. 

Atlantis World Bonus game

Atlantis World does not offer any specific bonus games, but if you are the kind of player that enjoys the theme of this lost city – accompanied by a bonus game – then you should check out Lost Secret of Atlantis from Rival gaming. It offers the similar kind of theme and a bonus game where you will choose between three different secret spheres resembling water bubbles. They all contain various prizes which heighten the overall excitement of the game. 

Atlantis World Free Spins

The golden sphere sign for Atlantis, which can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only, can activate the free spin feature if you manage to land enough. The position does not matter here, as they appear on any of these reels, you will be awarded 5 free spins. 

During you free spins, it pays 2x your original bet, and if you manage to land yet another three of the golden Scatters, it awards you another 5 free spins with prizes multiplied by 2.

Apart from this, the free spins feature also gives the opportunity for Stacked Wilds. 

Game features

Wild symbol

The golden dolphin acts as the games´ Wild symbol, and this can step in and replace all other symbols to create winning combinations for you. It can replace all symbols except for the Scatter. The Wild can also as mentioned briefly above, appear as stacked Wilds during the free spin feature. This means that your wins can increase by getting stacks of winning combinations, which in its turn can be multiplied at the end of the feature. 

Gamble feature

If you are the adventurous and gambling type of player, then you will be stoked to hear that Atlantis World offers the opportunity to double all wins in the Gamble feature. Simply guess the colour of the face-down card and have your win doubled if guessed right. 

Does it make sense why Atlantis is so fascinating to you yet? Atlantis World surely does the myth of the lost city justice – and a fairly common theme for a video slot has taken a new and fun twist. You will love this addition to our grand portfolio! We wish you the best of luck!