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Always Hot Deluxe Introduction

A classic that never gets old - or cold, Always Hot Deluxe will definitely warm the cockles of any old-school fruit machine fan. Remember the thrill of winning after sneaking a couple of spins on the slot machine at your local bar, ten, twenty years ago? Relive those glory days and more, because Always Hot Deluxe is certainly bringing something new to the table. 

But when all's said and done, is Always Hot Deluxe a game that will fan the flames of high-quality online slots play? Read on to find out.

Always Hot Deluxe Game Features

In line with its classic feel, Always Hot Deluxe uses fruit symbols that experienced gamers are accustomed to, such as cherries, lemons, grapes, and melons, but it also has the other classic bonus symbols such as bells, stars, and lucky 7s. Best of all? Get ready for some huge prizes on offer with payouts of up to an eye-watering, mind-boggling 30,000x your base bet, which can range from € 0.05 to € 250.

With bets starting as low as 2.5 coins per spin it’s also a game that will net you some big wins at a low cost. Everyone enjoys the comfort and familiarity that comes with playing a retro slot. A game like this, with its 3x3 reel system where you just need to line up 3 matching symbols, a lack of kinks or special rules, and familiar symbols, is bound to please everyone.

Always Hot Deluxe Free Spins and Bonuses

This slot incorporates the much-loved “Gamble” feature where players can gamble their winnings in the hope of doubling them or even quadrupling them. Every single aspect of Always Hot Deluxe is classic through and through, which makes it a real treat for the nostalgic among us, and one that certainly lives up to its “Hot” name.

After scoring a winning combination you’re presented with the option to gamble your winnings or collect them. The gamble feature gives you the chance to double, quadruple, or lose your winnings. The game itself is simple enough. Just choose if the next card will be black or white. In order to quadruple your winnings, you also need to guess the suit of the card (club, heart, diamond or spade). While it is hardly the most advantageous of bonus features, there is no denying that it adds to the classic thrill of the game.

Always Hot Deluxe Payouts

A game with the word “hot” in the name is sure to be filled with hot prizes and this is no exception. Always Hot Deluxe will pay up to 4,000 coins for lining up winning combinations of cherries, lemons, oranges, and plums on the reels. Double that if you manage to get bells or grapes - you heard right: up to 8,000 coins. The winning doesn’t stop there, either. A line of melons can earn you up to 10,000 coins if you’re lucky enough to land them, while lining up a set of stars will probably leave you feeling like one, paying out up to 20,000 coins. 

Three lucky sevens are all you need to win a heavenly grand prize of up to 30,000 coins. Don’t expect free spins through - this game harks back to a simpler time before the madcap complications of modern multireel fruit slots.

Always Hot Deluxe Graphics & Sound

The 8-bit sound effects caused a momentary lapse into a reverie, nostalgic for my old Amstrad, which I think is all part of the appeal of this fun little title. Likewise, in all fairness, there’s not a great deal that can be expected, graphics-wise, of a retro classic. The visuals are as pretty as they need to be and no more. And let’s be honest, none of us is here to see unicorns flying through immaculately rendered 3D worlds-we want to win big. Box ticked.

Always Hot Deluxe Conclusion

This game is beautiful in its utter simplicity. As an easy to play, a highly rewarding trip down memory lane, or a simple introduction to the basics of playing slot machines, Always Hot Deluxe is a winner.

About the Game Provider

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