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9 Tigers Introduction 

Wazdan has an interesting take on the basic 3-reel, 3-row slot in 9 Tigers. You see, this slot features exactly two symbols - an orange tiger and a blue tiger. Presented as an elemental battle between fire and water tigers, the game has you form as many lines as possible with either of the felines, with payouts based on the number of paylines you manage to get. Fill all 9 positions on the reels with one kind of tiger to bring to bring about the Tiger Bonus, a free spins round where you need to hit tigers of the opposing element. 

9 Tigers Game Features

9 Tigers is a 3-reel, 3-row slot featuring a total of 8 paylines. The aim of the game is to form as many paylines as possible with matching symbols. Payouts are awarded for all paylines hit simultaneously on the reels, not separately for each payline. You can get 8 paylines simultaneously but not 7, due to the way the paylines are structured. Being so stripped down the game lacks anything akin to a wild or scatter, but it does allow you to earn free spins in a Tiger Bonus round triggered by filling all 9 positions on the reels with one colour of tiger. 

9 Tigers Free Spins and bonuses

The Tiger Bonus round, triggered whenever you manage to fill all 9 spaces on the reels with either water or fire tigers, earns you 9 free spins. Here all the tigers that triggered the round are locked on the reels, and the aim is to hit tigers of the opposing element. Get two different tigers in the same position to create a yin yang symbol, which in turn also locks on the reels. The Tiger Bonus cannot be retriggered, and once all 9 free spins are over a payout is given out according to the amount of yin yang symbols on the reels. 

In addition, any payouts can be doubled with a gamble feature. This has you guess the element of a tiger spirit - water or fire - for a chance to double your winnings, but keep in mind a wrong guess means losing the original payout.  

9 Tigers Payouts 

Payouts in 9 Tigers are based on the amount of paylines hit on the reels at any one time. These start off at 1x the stake for 1 payline and move to 2x for 2 paylines, 3x for 3, 4x for 4, 8x for 5 and 16x for 6. The game cannot pay out for 7 paylines, due to the way it is structured, but 8x paylines (or filling all the reels with the same colour tiger) bring about the Tiger Bonus round. This brings the biggest payouts in the game, at up to 1000x your stake for the maximum amount of 9 yin yang symbols.

9 Tigers Graphics and Sound 

9 Tigers is all about the elemental tigers, so it is only right Wazdan put plenty of effort into making them look just right. Seemingly made from flames, they flicker ominously on the reels and snarl fiercely whenever they make part of a payline. More effects come in full force during the Tiger Bonus round, as the tigers clash into each other before transforming into flaming yin yang symbols! That said, the game is designed with a calming atmosphere in mind, with soothing Asian music and a backdrop featuring a night-time view of what appears to be a rather idyllic valley. 

9 Tigers Conclusion 

Wadan takes the slot back to the very basics with 9 Tigers, resulting in a surprisingly effective slot. The gameplay is as simple as it is thrilling, as you are always hoping to fill the reels with the same elemental tiger in order to bring about the Tiger Bonus! Get ready for a roaring good time as you play 9 Tigers here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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