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100 Bit Dice Introduction

100 Bit Dice is the original, popular Crypto Game reimagined for real money play at online casinos! Created by 4ThePlayer, 100 Bit Dice offers a fast-paced, unique approach to table gaming. Although it might seem complicated, 100 Bit Dice is actually a very straightforward game to play once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is place a bet on the outcome of a dice; whether it will be under or over 100. Read our full review of 100 Bit Dice to learn how the game is played and all the features it has to offer.

100 Bit Dice Game Features

To start playing, you need to place a bet on the outcome of the dice from 0 to 100. Placing your bet is simple and straightforward: bet on the green section of the card if you want to bet that the result of the dice will be under the chosen target or bet of the blue section to be that the result will be over the chosen target value.

Once you place your bet, the random number generator will generate a result from 0 to 100. If the result generated is exactly equal to the value you’ve selected, this will be considered over the selected value.

The Slider

You can use the slider feature to choose your target value between 0.1 to 99.9. When you move the slider around, you will be able to see the relevant payout for the green and the blue bets accordingly and the chance of each bet as well. When you’re ready to play, simply click the green or blue button, depending on the bet you want to place. 

100 Bit Dice comes with a Turbo option that you can activate to view the results faster. Keep in mind that this does not affect the outcome of the game in any way but it’s a good option if you prefer faster-paced gameplay. There is also an Autoplay option which you can use to play a number of rounds. To activate Autoplay mode, you will have to configure the following settings.

  • Roll under/roll over
  • Number of rounds to play
  • Stop on overall loss/overall profit
  • Maximum bet size
  • On win/no win and bet size to adjust by accordingly
  • Adjust bet size by a percentage.


You can view a history summary to view the last 10 results of your game. There is also a Last 500 history which will display the last 500 results played over several sessions. Additionally, you will also be able to view statistics in the Stats Chart which displayed the number of results that occurred in ranges of 10. These results will also be split by green wins, blue wins, and no wins represented by a red colour. 

100 Bit Dice Payouts

There will be two payouts displayed on the card, one for the green bet (under) and one for the blue bet (over). You will win the payout under the green bet if the result is under your chosen value. If the result is over your chosen value, there will be no win. 

The payout under the blue bet will be won if the result is over the selected value you’ve chosen. If the result is under the selected value, then there will be no win. You can win a maximum multiplier of 1,000x your bet. 

100 Bit Dice Graphics and Sound

100 Bit Dice has a minimal layout which works to make the game easy to understand and follow. The card is split in two parts with green and blue. At the top of the card you will find the game’s colourful logo and right below, you can easily adjust your bet by using the – and + symbols. The slider is in the middle of the card and the payouts and chances are all displayed underneath the relevant colours. On the right of the card, you can view all the statistics and your history too. There are also some sound effects which make the game more engaging to play.

100 Bit Dice Conclusion

100 Bit Dice is a unique game that offers an interesting take on table games and something a bit different! The game is easy to understand and there are no complicated rules that you have to learn. It’s also fast-paced and straightforward to play because all you have to do is bet on the outcome of the dice!

You can now play 100 Bit Dice right here at Videoslots.

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.

About the Provider

4ThePlayer is an independent game development studio founded in 2018 by two gambling industry experts who wanted to create games with a mobile-first approach in mind. Andrew Porter and Chris Ash created 4ThePlayer with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, adopting a forward-thinking approach that will help them become trendsetters in game design. 

The goal at 4ThePlayer is to create exciting games using a variety of engaging game mechanics combined with the best mathematics profiles.  They’re all about keeping things simple but effective, coming up with different themes, styles, and features that will give players a new and unique experience when they play their games. They also aim to create memorable characters which will engage players on a whole new level, making their games appealing to players who appreciate a well-designed game with an elaborate theme and above average character design. 

In 2019, they partnered with Yggdrasil to release their titles on the YGS Masters platform. This means that 4ThePlayer will develop games in collaboration with Yggdrasil. Commenting on their recent partnership, the head of studio partnerships at Yggdrasil said that “by having join the YGS Masters Programmes we can offer our partners exclusive and unique content from one of the leading independent game studios”. 

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