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GameArt – a brilliant game provider that focuses on popular themed games that attract players in a way that few providers can. With a grand portfolio of games, they have quickly risen to become one of the great forces to look out for!

The top 10 games created by GameArt offered at are;

Chili Quest

Crystal Mystery

Davinci Codex

Book of Oziris

Explosive Reels

Magic Dragon

Lady Luck

Gold of Ra

Power Dragon

Fortune Lions

What is GameArt? 

GameArt is an independent online casino provider and developer – always delivering innovative games that no other does. Apart from this, they are also very focused on online as well as land-based gaming operators. It is still a fairly young company – founded in 2013 – by a group of entrepreneurs, all with over 20 years’ experience in the business. They all achieved great success even before GameArt came to see the light of day, but the craving to do more and get more out there, they came together to found this brilliant company. They all had experience in both land-based and online sectors. Now, GameArt has grown tremendously fast and has evolved into a great B2B provider and developer with offices in Malta, Slovenia, the UK, and Serbia.

GameArts´ goals and reaching them 

The main focus of GameArt has since the start and will continue to be developing top-class games and content for both online casino operators and VLT – the Video Lottery terminals – as well as the land-based casino industry in the regulated markets. 

GameArt has a lot going for them, and one of the things they are well respected for is their fast delivery time. Many operators go from starting products to licenses to launching in a total time of 6-12 months. GameArt, on the other hand, works hand in hand if your project is branded and licensed, along with the original studio, to create the title. This to make the communication smoother and the process direct and faster – GameArt can make the reality of their ideas and creations in less than 90 days. The short time does not mean anything less than perfection though – GameArt does not expect anything less than serious, complex, and amateur-like products. All are made in high-class and licensed. 

GameArt is certified by SIQ Italia on the GLI 19 Standards. They are also certified for the Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney, Slovenia, Italy, and Estonian markets. They can also transfer certificates for other markets if need be and paid by customers. 

Another great thing with GameArt is their team and the fact that they are able to create and customize games and platforms based on their clients and the requests and desires of the market. Making sure that players are thought of, granting them all they might crave. The main technology behind GameArt provides a true multiplatform capacity. Other than this, they have a games management system that provides licensees of extensive integration options, highly rewarding and levelled bonuses, and CRM capabilities. This with the smart tools to help maximize the game-player retention and to improve the ROI – Return on investment. A high ROI basically means that the investment, here in the games, gains compared to the investment cost. It is profitable for both operators and GameArt as a provider.

The games 

The games are all customized to be able to integrate on all platforms for better accessibility, they work on all platforms and are also fully compatible with all iOS, all mobiles and tablets. 

The main focus of GameArt is to provide its players with high-class games, all adaptable to regulated markets and social media. But they always aim to offer the best possible in-class gaming products with impressive and thoughtfully made graphics, smart development, full compliance with all needed standards to make the games are all fair and random, as well as high-quality software engineering and thoroughly systemic protocols. Innovation is the word for GameArt – they believe that this is the key to grow into a successful provider, adapting to the constantly evolving industry of especially the mobile and online gambling area. This is why they take a lot of strength into making their games perfect on all devices. 

The games are all offered in HTML5, Flash, and in mobile versions. They are all supported by the most common operators – Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All games are also tested before launch, after a long road of development, knowledge, and dedication that is what creates the great games in the long run. Focusing on the clients´ needs, they, time after time launch games that players keeps coming back to. This has made sure that players always crave more and won´t stop waiting for the next newbie. 

You can find the games in the portfolio at 

The Top 10´s 

These are all the perfect, shining examples of what GameArt brings to the table. Games offering amazing graphics, innovative and craved themes, with high rewarding features and offering outstanding gaming experiences. No matter what theme of slot you enjoy the most, you can surely find it in the portfolio of GameArt. 

If you are craving the Asian, oriental themed slots, then you have Power Dragon, Phoenix Princess, Dragon King, and Dancing Lions. If you like the sci-fi, enchanting, and fairy-tale themed slots, then you can check out the player favourite - Magic Unicorn – as well as Atlantis World and Lady Luck. Even the classic looking slots, and the immensely loved African theme is offered. There is simply something for everyone – and there are lots of it.


GameArt is a provider you should keep a lookout for – their portfolio is wide with many attributes that are player friendly and loved. They take the most popular theme and makes their own thing out of it – and this has been greatly respected and appreciated by both players and the operators offering their games. is one of the lucky operators – and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to grant our players with such a vast and thrilling portfolio of games. A quick rise to fame has never been better!

If you want to read more about GameArt, visit the website here.