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Day 37 - Billion Dollar Gran

Saturday, family time, nice weather and spending time with friends. In other words, today´s session will be short. I pick a Slot called Billion Dollar Gran. It has a feature that looks like my favorite in Cops And Robbers, I hope it is the same.

After losing over €60 without winning one single time, I realize that the similar feature is harder to get. In this game you need to hit the symbols in the winning line. I start to think that I am missing something here since I am losing all the time.

At last, I enter the Win Spin mode and it wins me €12. That is an ok win since I bet €1 per spin, but I am still over €50 down. A few more minutes.

Nah, I don’t know about this game. I lost big time and after being down to €95, I won €10 taking me back above the €100 line. I stop there.

I still think I miss something important in this game. Any tips and tricks? Please send them to, or comment directly on Facebook.

Sloppy session, not that responsible.