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Day 36 - Wow Pot

Wow Pot, is yet another progressive Slot which you find under Jackpots. Looks like it does not get much simpler than this. Three different bet sizes to choose from, one winning line and three reels. To have a chance at the Jackpot you need to play €1,50 per spin which is the highest bet.

I start playing and I go from €165 to €142 before I win the first time. Not like Mega Moolah where you win almost every spin. On the other hand you win more in this game compared to your bet, but you need to hit some of course. Nothing big yet, down at €138.

The classic symbols are there, 7´s, BAR´s and Cherries. Different combinations of those symbols create a winning line. There is also a Wow Pot-symbol which acts as a joker and three of those will win you the jackpot.

Down to €133 when I suddenly hit two double BAR´s and a joker, winning me €40! Nice. I needed that one, and so far I am above my starting stack.

A couple of more spins and I win a few and lose a few. I am actually ending today´s game at €165, break even in other words. Like last time I feel that this is going to cost me, so I stop instead.

As I wrote initially, Wow Pot is a simple Slot with classic design and features. If you have read some of the other Game of the day you know that I like the designed and new 5-reel video slots more. But that´s me, I don’t know about you.

Break even and responsible.

It is Friday! Have a great weekend.