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Day 35 - Lots A Loot 5 Reel

Back to Video Slots, I need to feel that I have a shot at some big bucks. I browse through our progressive jackpots and see that I have played almost all games in there. I pick one that I am sure I have not yet played. Lots A Loot 5 Reel.

Ouch, I see that I need to bet the maximum bet in order to be able to win the jackpot, and of course I want a shot at €21 400. The max bet is €2,50, and I feel I need to set a limit in order to not lose too much. I will end this session at €150 or after the usual 30 minutes. Starting with €210.

I win often, but less than the bet and I am down to €188 when I win €8,50 taking me up to €196. I get a feeling that this will be a short session. Let´s hope I am wrong.
I have been in between €170-€180 for a while now. I have had more play time than expected already. Give me something big now!

After a cold period taking me down to €156 I win €12 and go back to €168. My gut feeling tells me that I will lose, so I decide to stop playing even though I have only played for 18 minutes.

I am not too fond of these jackpot video slots that push me to bet max. I know that it can pay off and I understand why they have that set up, but since I don’t like to risk that much I have a hard time to really enjoy the game. Instead I am focusing on not to lose. Of course, with a larger bank roll it is a different story. Maybe it suits you?

Stopped early, saving some money (I think). Responsible.