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Day 32 - Cashville

Another game frequently rolling by in ”Winning Now” is the video slot Cashville. I decide to try that one and see if my winning streak is still on. I have had a positive feeling in the past few Game of the day, and I am sure it´ll continue in today´s game as well.

Believe it or not, I manage to hit three scatters in my FIRST spin. It takes me in to a bonus mode where I need to pick one of the billionaires and then their bank safe. I can win up to 10 000 coins, but the one I pick win me 1 500 coins, which equals €15 in this bet set up. Good start.

I like the design and symbols in Cashville. They really managed to give the game a luxury feeling and the dream of the big bucks is on.

Win some lose some. I drop from €215 down to €190 but win a nice win which takes me back to €202. Chasing the bonus-mode again of course. A few more minutes.

I  have ignored the gamble feature so far, but after a win of 250 coins I decide to try my luck. I should not have. I lose the win. €200 now. I am playing for 10 more minutes OR until I enter the bonus mode again OR lose down to €180. Which one will it be?

That was close; I was down to €182 but managed to win €12. Back at €193. I hit two bonus-symbols several times but never manage to get the third one. Since the reels do not slow down when hitting two, it unfortunately don´t get very exciting when hoping for the third. The game moves to fast if you ask me.

Unfortunately the €180-limit ends today´s game.

All in all, Cashville is a good video slot machine. Try it and play responsibly.