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Day 29 - Cops and Robbers

I have seen that we have a lot of winners rolling through Winning Now, who has won playing Cops And Robbers. I need to try that game. It is a Slot machine with 3 reels and one winning line, how difficult can it be?

I decide to bet €1 per spin and start playing. There are A LOT of flashing stuff and I can´t instantly understand the different winning features. I spin anyway and guess that I´ll learn as I go, but I don’t. I lose over €70 before I realize that there is a bonus feature that I can enter by holding or nudging the reels in order to get three money bags on the reels. Doh.

Ok, now that I got it I start chasing these money bags and ignore any other winning lines. It pays off! When I enter the bonus feature the first time I win €45 bringing me back to €170 (I started the day at €200). When knowing what to look for and of course also having some luck, I start winning big. Passing €200 pretty fast and then winning an additional €60. Looking good!

This is a really fun and exciting game, once you get a hang of it. Go for the money bags from the beginning, and save €70 looking for the rules like I did. I will play Cops And Robbers again for sure. I almost felt I could not lose. Can you?

I end today´s session at €245 and I am really pleased. Bear in mind that I was down at €127 before I understood the game and its features.

A few more days with Easter food, drinks and family time. If you find the time to play some games at, play responsibly. I know I will.