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Day 27 - Six Shooter Looter

Daddy, play the cowboy-game, sais my son who is 4 years old. Ok, time for a Scratch Card game called Six Shooter Looter. It differs from the regular scratch card you are used to. They have added some more excitement since you are rolling a dice, or actually spinning the bullets in a gun, to determine the number of steps you are allowed to walk on the Indian trail.

The goal is to reach the gold mine where the jackpot of 25000 times your bet is waiting for you. On the path you have different traps that will end your game, and when you step on one of those you need to bet again and start over.

The bets go from €0,5 up to €10 per game. I start with €1 bets and go up and down during the first 10-15 games. No big wins, I reach the 3x money step a couple of times but I feel I am on a losing streak. That is when I decide to use my old bet tactics again. Increase my bets after a losing many in a row. I now raise my bets to €5 per game.

I continue losing in and I am down to €213, started at €257, when it happens. I hit loads of sixes and manage to stay away from the traps! The game ends since I am out of spins, you only have 8 spins per game, and with two more spins I would have reached the jackpot. I fall down dead right after I passed the 15x bet sign and I win €75!

The bank roll is now at €287 and I feel I had my luck for today so I quit long before the 30 minutes have passed. Play responsibly, remember?

I like these kind of games, and just like when I played the Space Evader I end up winning some money. Nice.

Since Easter is coming up I am going to browse through our games selection and see if I find any Easter-theme games. If not, I´ll go for a Christmas game, similar holiday. Right?

Time to spend some time with the family. Make sure you do that to, but don’t forget to try the Six Shooter Looter first, it can win you some extra cash.