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Day 144 - Battlestar Galactica

We just got an extra game release this month! You will now find the Video Slots version of the famous TV-series, Battlestar Galactica! If you have seen the series, you´ll recognize the characters and the plot. With 243 ways to win, cool video features and loads of bonuses, you just love this game! I have already tried it.

Before I started the game I thought I was going to check the paytable in order to learn the different bonus features, but it was no idea doing that. There was too many! I realized that the best way to find out was to actually play the game and learn as I go along. Do it yourself, you´ll be amazed by all the extra features and winnings.

To mention a couple, I can tell you that ”Ion Storm” will turn up to 5 reels into Wilds, ”Fight” can, at any time, randomly turn other symbols into Wilds, and also split them in two and give you even more winnings!

Like I said, there is much, much more in Battlestar Galactica, and I strongly recommend you to play this Video Slot. It is a must!

So, how did I do this time? Well, I almost doubled my bank roll and went from €14 to €26 in 20 minutes. Nice!

Responsible and with joy!