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Day 139 - Phantom Cash

As you have probably seen, we have found the real Halloween spirit here at, and I don´t want to miss that. Fortunately, one of our featured games, which is included in the Halloween Race, hasn´t been reviewed in Game Of The Day yet. Time to play Video Slots again. Phantom Cash. Time to win first price in the race!

Phantom Cash has 25 pay lines, and the design looks tight and creepy. Phantom Cash was launched only a few weeks ago, and as usual our new games are high class!

It looks like I am first and foremost am chasing three or more castle symbols, since they will take me to a special bonus feature. We´ll see, I will give it 20 minutes, then it is time for bed.

My chances of winning the first prize in the race are low since I am not betting more than €0,50 per spin. But who knows, maybe I´ll get lucky?

It feels like I am close to hitting the Ghost Zap Feature all the time. I get two castles often, but the third one is missing. €18 left and 15 minutes have passed. Either I win something big soon, or the session is over in a few minutes anyway. I would like to play a bit longer since Phantom Cash is a great Video Slot, but my eyes are feeling heavy.

The ghost hunters on row one and five seem to be wilds, and I win some extra through them. Nice! Now I am calling it a day. My top win of €2 will probably not get me far in the race, so tomorrow I will use our new Quick Deposit feature, activate the bonus and play some more Phantom Cash.

Good luck playing Phantom Cash, and good luck in the Halloween Race! And remember. Responsible.