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Day 23 - Cash Splash 5 Reel

Today´s game is actually tomorrow´s game. I need to play it now since I am offline all day tomorrow. Bachelor party, here I come!

Nice to start today´s game after yesterday´s win. I am confident that my winning streak is still on and I have decided to play yet another video slot. My choice falls on Cash Splash 5 Reel. It is a progressive jackpot videoslot and jackpot is almost €12000 when I start the game.

The bet choices are really simple in this video slot. The cost is €0,20 per line and there are 15 lines, and fixed to one coin per line. You need to bet all 15 lines to have a shot at the jackpot, but that means a bet of €3 per spin. Should I continue on my high bet strategy from yesterday? Of course I have to take a shot at the jackpot.

I will not go under €200 which means that my real bankroll is €53. Ok, 30 minutes or €200 bank roll. I win often so far, still at €250 after 10 spins. Let´s hope for some big wins soon. Down to €235, but then I hit a full winning line of Queens which pays me €20. Back at €255.

Wow, now I am falling fast. The game turned ice cold and just a few spins later I am down to €219. Is this it? Yes it is. A minute later I am down at €200. Oops.

This is the shortest Game of the day so far. Let us hope it is a onetime thing.
I really enjoyed the features, simple structure and nice design. I will be back for sure, either with a larger bank roll or smaller bets.

Have a great weekend, I will!