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Day 136 - Max Damage....

Now it is time for me to play the brand new game Max Damage And The Alien Attack, our latest addition which mixes the classical arcade game from the 70´s with a modern Video Slot.

I have heard a lot of about this game, even before it was launched, and now I realize why. When the game starts I do not pay attention to the rules, which means I do not have a clue of what is happening. It takes a few games before I get to know the game.

In my lower right corner I see my winnings increase, and it says that I have won €17. Perfect! But no, my bank roll has decreased with €10. How did that happen? My first thought was that this sucks, but when going through the rules again I realize that there was nothing odd going on. Here´s how it goes;

For each alien ship I shoot down I am placing a bet, corresponding to a spin in a normal Video Slot. And, as in a normal Video Slot, it is not a win each time. Sometimes you win, and sometimes not. I shoot as many ships as I can and hope for high winnings. One cool feature is that you can register your username in Max Damage, and hope to end up in the top list!

For each level you check you will climb in the list, and I guess you will find a nice bonus at the end of level 9. But in order to clear that one you need to defeat the mother ship, and that is not an easy task. Believe me.

If you like games. If you like Video Slots. If you like arcade games. Play Max Damage And The Alien Attack. All in all, I am €20 up after my Max session. I´d have to admit that it is not easy to track the winnings, but I now where they origin from, and that is enough for me. You can´t have it all.

Try it, it is really fun and exciting. One last tip; activate AUTOFIRE, it is really effective.

Good luck, and play responsibly!