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Day 22 - Agent Jane Blonde

Ok, time for some revenge on the video slots. I am going against common sense and decide to play a game that someone else is winning big on ( I am looking at Winning Now on the start page). . I want to join in on the rush. The game is Agent Jane Blonde. James Bond-inspired? You bet.

I am a bit slow in the mornings and it was not the name of the game that made me see the James Bond-connection, it was actually the symbols when I opened up the game. Typical agent stuff, you’ll see.

Oh no! It is set up more or less exactly as my losing video slot from yesterday, Good To Go, with only 9 paylines and a Gamble feature. Let´s hope for some better luck in this one. I this game there are no coins, you play with your ordinary bank roll. I bring in my €104 and set the stakes to €0,27 per spin. All lines as usual, but only 3 coins per line.

Hmm, even if I am down a bit it is a big difference from yesterday. I am hitting some okay wins and I see the scatter symbols more often. I need three of them to enter the Free Spins mode. €97, 12 minutes has past.

I don’t like the gamble feature, feels like I am always losing. €92 now. The blond chick is wild and she actually shows up from time to time. No big wins yet, 5 minutes left and down to €82. I need a win now!

Maybe I should increase my bets since I have been losing for a long time now? If my luck turns and I enter a winning streak it will pay off. Responsible? No. Exciting? Yes. I will set my lowest limit to €50, and I now raise my bets to €2,25 per spin. Here we go…

Win! A few losses at first and now a €12,50 win, up at €89. HIT! For the first time ever I hit three blond wilds and win €56. Up at €135! Ok, a few more minutes and then it is over for today.

Free Spins! Talk about timing in the increased bet! All wins are tripled in the Free Spins-mode and yet again I hit the blond wild several times winning me €119 in the Free Spins mode. I stop for today and my bank roll is back to €253! Unreal comeback.

What can I say? Had some tactics, positive thinking and it was my turn. Responsible? Well what do you think? Mike is back!