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Day 134 - Mugshot Madness

Now it is time to play yet another one of our latest additions, the Video Slot Mugshot Madness. I have had some flow in my previous sessions, and the bank roll is staying healthy over €200.

Mugshot Madness looks nice at first glance. Seem to be a criminal-themed Video Slot which has 20 paylines. Without even having a look-through the different winning possibilities or bonus features, I start playing.

It looks like the minimum bet is €1 and that´s what I decide to play. After only a few spins I hit three sheriff stars, and they appear to be the scatters since I receive 15 Free Spins! Nice.

When I am out of Free Spins I have won €23. Good start! Free Spins included some really nice video features, where a mugshot is taken on the symbols in a winning line. In some way I was rewarded with extra wins when a mugshot was taken, I never understood why, but I don´t care as long as I win.

After 20 minutes I am still €20 ahead, and I decide to call it a day. It is nice with yet another new Video Slot, and Mugshot Madness is well worth playing. Try it yourself!

Do I need to say it? Play responsibly!

By the way, did you read my tips and tricks on how to win the Bad Beat Jackpot in Videoslots Poker? If not, it is time to do so. The jackpot is currently at €176 000, and it is well worth a shot.