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Day 21 - Good To Go

I’ll play a video slot today. I need to start winning again, and historically that is the category that has paid me best. Since I have many different games to choose from I browse through the video slots list and pick a game that looks good at first glance. Good To Go, a racing theme game.

I set the lowest coin value which converts my €182 to 18200 coins. All lines are played as usual and also the maximum amount off coins. Each spin is now 90 coins. Today I’ll play either the full 30 minutes or when I hit the bottom at €100. I am not going under that.

Good To Go has all the usual video slots ingrediences. Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters and bonus games. The game is running and it seems like you win often in this one. Less than the bet though, the bank roll is decreasing.

Oops, I notice that Good To Go has a gambling feature. After each win you can choose to try to double your winnings by clicking “Gamble”, or you can click “Collect”. I usually don’t do too good when gambling my winnings, but I will of course try it a couple of times. I win my first gamble which is a small win of 60 coins, but when I try to double up again I lose of course.

Now I am dropping fast. Down to €160. Time for some Free Spins or any other big win. Forget what I said about winning often. The game is cold as ice right now. Not a hit. I turn on the sound to get into the right feel. Positive thinking, was’nt that what I said yesterday?

That´s better, feels a bit more fun with the sound on. Formula 1 cars in the background and futuristic slots sounds when you spin and when you win. No big one yet though, €142 now. There are loads of poker symbols in this game but they pay almost nothing. Away with those and add some F1 related stuff instead.

I saw that a couple of our players won big in Break Da Bank yesterday. My favorite game, you remember? Maybe I should play that one every day instead?

I have got 3 minutes left and €130 in the bank roll. Does not look to bright but I will play the last three.

The speedometer is a Scatter and takes you in to the Free Spins among other things, but I don’t see it during the whole session. Ok, from time to time but it never wins me anything. No, this session was not fun. I end at €104. I wonder if this game is ready for someone else to win money, since it without pardon just took mine? In that case I can recommend Good To Go.

Played for 30 minutes and stopped above the 100-limit. Responsibly.