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Day 133 - Untamed Wolf Pack

With three new games added just the other day, it is quite easy for me to pick the next Game Of The Day. Since I like both Untamed Bengal Tiger and Untamed Giant Panda, I just have to try the new one, Untamed Wolf Pack.

When starting the game I see that there are some really nice bonus features. There´s a Lucky Nudge which will give you many second chances, and there are Collective Wilds as well as Running Wilds. Hmm, feels like there will be frequent wins in Untamed Wolf Pack. We´ll see!

Not a good start. I am playing €0,60 per spin and after 10 minutes I am down €15. The Wilds are collecting but so far I have not earned anything from them. I have never seen what happens with collective wilds, so I am looking forward to that.

There we go. One of the reels is now completed with 4 collective Wilds. What happens is that the reel becomes a fixed wild during the next four spins. Great! I win some back, and I am now only €10 down.

I am chasing three wolf eyes in order to enter the regular Free Spins mode, but no luck so far. I´ll give this another 5 minutes, then I will call it a day. My gut feeling says it is not my day, but I hope I am wrong. Anyway, I´ll limit my losses if stop playing.

Just as I was about to shut the game down I manage to enter Free Spins! The wilds are all over the place as the wheels are spinning, but I never manage to hit anything big. I win €8. Doh.

It is really nice that the collected Wilds are stored for future sessions. I can come back to Untamed Wolf Pack at any time, and my collections will still be there. Nice.

I see that I now have three collected Wilds in three of the five reels, and I decide to play until one of the Wilds is activated. And it pays off! I manage to fill out two of the reels at the same time, and I hit some really nice wins. I go from €50 down to €20 up in just a few free spins. €70, Yes!

It is time to end this session while I am ahead. Untamed Wolf Pack is a really nice Video Slot. Not just because I won, but because it has all the stuff I am expecting from a nice Video Slot; great design, loads of extra features and 243 ways to win.

Play responsibly, and you´ll have great fun!