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Day 130 - The Bermuda Mysteries

After a few days of poker focus, I am really longing for a real Video Slot now. My latest Video Slot session went really well, and I am feeling confident this one will too.

I take a quick look through our games and realize that I still haven´t tried one our new ones, the Video Slot, The Bermuda Mysteries. That´s the one!

Wow, I am amazed how much a unique background on the games can do for the total experience. I know the designers at are working hard to finalize exclusive backgrounds for all our 300+ games, and they are really doing an important job. It looks really good.

I bring my €200 from last week in to The Bermuda Mysteries. It is time to win some more money! I start spinning and it seems like there are many different symbols to get to know. I pause the game and learn that the pilot is Wild and doubles all winnings and replace other symbols in a winning line. The symbol with the golden wings and anchor is a Scatter that can lead me to Free Spins.

It looks like there´s something that calls Rescue Bonus as well. I guess I have to learn as I go along. Let’s play!

I start slowly with a €0,50 bet per spin, and if I hit something big I will raise the stakes. I get a good start, or that is what it feels like anyway since I win often. Too bad the bank roll is dropping anyway.

I like the gaming feeling in The Bermuda Mysteries. Cool sound effects, nice design and many different ways to win. And finally I hit something special! I hit three triangles and enter the Rescue Bonus. The mission in there is to use the radar and find missing ships and planes. I manage to win €10 in there, and I bounce back to my starting bank roll of €200.

Time to call it a day. Responsible as I am. I can guarantee that I will be back and go for the Free Spins in The Bermuda Mysteries some day.Try it our yourself!