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Day 129 - Fire Hawk

These days I am jumping between Casino and Poker when I am enjoying the site. It is really moving towards a complete casino, and I love it!

I have already had some success in the Happy Hour Tournaments, and I am enjoying some fresh poker winnings right now.

But now it is back to basics. Casino! Today I am playing a new Video Slots called Fire Hawk. This Indian themed game looks nice, and I hope my winning streak from poker will apply in the casino as well.

The Fire Hawk symbol is a Scatter and three or more of those will open up the Free Spins feature. Looking forward to that. It looks like I can choose from 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins, with different multipliers. Here we go. €58 is brought into the game, and I set the bet to €0,40 per spin.

My favorite feature in Video Slot games, where the reels slow down, is missing in Fire Hawk. Ok, it is more time effective, but it takes a bit of the excitement edge off. I am hitting two scatters frequently, but not more. So far. 10 minutes played, and €45 left.

Wow! I was just going to complain about the absence of wins, when I hit a big one! The Indian symbol is Wild and I get two of those which completes several winning combinations, and I jump up to €89 in total! A few more minutes to try to hit Free Spins, and then I am done for today.

WOW! I decide to raise the stakes to €1 per spin during the last minutes of play, and it pays off! I hit Free Spins, and in there I win loads of cash! When the Free Spins are done my bank roll is at €204! Some luck off course, but also responsible as usual. I quit while I am ahead, and enjoy my nice win.