Battle of Slots

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Day 19 - Multi Wheel Roulette

Time for some roulette again. This time I am going to play a version called Multi Wheel Roulette Gold. Multi weel? “1 bet, 8 wheels and 8 chanses to win” it says when the game is loading. There are 8 wheels spinning simultaneously and your bet is placed on all wheels. Feels like I can’t miss?

The minimum bet is €1 and since you play 8 wheels at the same time the lowest bet per spin is €8. For you who have read the previous Game of the day-texts, you know that it is a bet which is far too high for my taste. I decide to place my bets between 13 and 14, and 14 and 15 at a total cost of €16 per spin. Pheew, creepy.

The first spin lands on number 14 on one of the wheels! I win €36. Nice, I have set today´s limit at €200, I am not going below that. Keep your fingers crossed, I need some more wins.

Gah, 31 and 20 hits in two of the wheels, right next to 14.  Really exciting I have to say. At first you don´t see where the ball lands, and all wheels need to stop before each result is zoomed in. €240 left if I don’t win in the next spin.

Yes, number 13 hits on one of the wheels. Money back in other words, €256 left. I miss two spins in a row and I am now down at €224. I decide to gamble one last time and place an additional bet on number 14 which takes me down to an even €200 if I miss. Last spin or win?

It is the last spin unfortunately. Like I said, far too high stakes for my taste, but I can’t complain about the excitement. If you have a larger bank roll than I, I can really recommend Multi Wheel Roulette Gold. If you have a smaller bank roll, pick another game. We have several versions of regular roulette at where you can bet as low as €0,25 per spin.

The timing to play this game now was good since I have some winnings to risk. To play this game with my usual €10 bank roll would not have been too exciting.

Responsibly since I stopped at my pre-determined limit, but not too smart to bet as much as I did per spin.


Day 67 - Lucky Darts

Hmm, this is a new experience. I just a made a deposit of €10. Will this be the start of a new record series, or will it take more deposits? We´ll see. Today I will try a Slot called Lucky Darts. It is a first.

Day 66 - Gift Rap

After yesterday´s long review and a tough Stockholm Marathon, I am going to keep today´s Game Of The Day short. I am playing a Video Slot called Gift Rap. I have seen it flashing by a couple of times but never tried it. €32 on the bank roll.

Day 65 - Dino Might

Well, things are moving fast in the write-about-casino-games-business. Is that really a job anyway? In a few days I have gone from €2,50 up to €160, down to €14 and back to €40. You never know what to expect, and I guess that is a part of the exciting casino world. Wins, dreams, losses, frustration, excitement and fun. But most of all, DREAMS, if you ask me.

Day 64 - Cashapillar

Back at €160. Nice. Burning Desire was my kind of game. I have been looking at a Video Slot called Cashapillar for a while, but since the minimum bet is €1 to play all 100 lines, I have not been able to play it with my small bank roll. Now it is time though.

Day 63 - Burning Desire

As you have seen I am back as a winner. A couple of days with Videoslots and I started winning again. Isn´t it strange? Or not. After yesterdays session, playing Stash Of The Titans, I am now back at a bit more secure bankroll level of €60. Nice. Today I am going for yet another Videoslot called Burning Desire.

Day 62 - Stash Of The Titans

Ok, here we go again. I´ll stick with Video Slots since it seems like I am winning on those. One of´s latest addition is Stash Of The Titans. It is brand new and there is not even a text description on the web site. So, here´s a review from a Mike-perspective.

Day 61 - Centre Court

Back to Video Slots. Have you seen the pattern? I build my bank roll with Video Slots and then lose it on the other games, especially Slots. Today I will play a Video Slot called Centre Court. It is a tennis themed game with 9 paylines. Time for revenge.

Day 60 - Gold Mine

Time for a Slot, can´t play Video Slots every day. We do have other games as well. I find a Slot called Gold Mine that seems to have a special feature I have not seen before. Unfortunately I have a losing history on the Slots, but the luck has to change at some point. Is it in today´s game? Here we go.

Day 59 - Asian Beauty

Yesterday I went with a friend to the only casino in town (the only legal one anyway) to play some poker. After busting my predetermined bankroll I hang around for a while on the casino floor, watching the crazy whales betting thousands per number on the roulette. Of course I also had to try some Video Slots, but they were not even close to ours when it comes to design and feel. And I did not win anything either. I´ll stick with instead.

Day 58 - Dogfather

More Video Slots. I Love them. A bit more now that I am on safe grounds with my bank roll. I saw in the Winning Now-list that someone was winning big on a Video Slot called Dogfather. Inspired by The Godfather, this game includes mafia characters in the shape of dogs. Time for Mike to try it out.