Battle of Slots

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Day 19 - Multi Wheel Roulette

Time for some roulette again. This time I am going to play a version called Multi Wheel Roulette Gold. Multi weel? “1 bet, 8 wheels and 8 chanses to win” it says when the game is loading. There are 8 wheels spinning simultaneously and your bet is placed on all wheels. Feels like I can’t miss?

The minimum bet is €1 and since you play 8 wheels at the same time the lowest bet per spin is €8. For you who have read the previous Game of the day-texts, you know that it is a bet which is far too high for my taste. I decide to place my bets between 13 and 14, and 14 and 15 at a total cost of €16 per spin. Pheew, creepy.

The first spin lands on number 14 on one of the wheels! I win €36. Nice, I have set today´s limit at €200, I am not going below that. Keep your fingers crossed, I need some more wins.

Gah, 31 and 20 hits in two of the wheels, right next to 14.  Really exciting I have to say. At first you don´t see where the ball lands, and all wheels need to stop before each result is zoomed in. €240 left if I don’t win in the next spin.

Yes, number 13 hits on one of the wheels. Money back in other words, €256 left. I miss two spins in a row and I am now down at €224. I decide to gamble one last time and place an additional bet on number 14 which takes me down to an even €200 if I miss. Last spin or win?

It is the last spin unfortunately. Like I said, far too high stakes for my taste, but I can’t complain about the excitement. If you have a larger bank roll than I, I can really recommend Multi Wheel Roulette Gold. If you have a smaller bank roll, pick another game. We have several versions of regular roulette at where you can bet as low as €0,25 per spin.

The timing to play this game now was good since I have some winnings to risk. To play this game with my usual €10 bank roll would not have been too exciting.

Responsibly since I stopped at my pre-determined limit, but not too smart to bet as much as I did per spin.


Day 87 - Enchanted Woods

Mmm, cosy. I am always trying to look positive at things, and the bad weather really fits my sessions. It is harder to stay inside when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. By the way, that line is from one of the best songs in the world, do you know which one? Today I am going through both Video Slots and Slots to find a suitable game to play.

Day 86 - Adventure Palace

As usual I am playing on a daily basis, but during these nice summer days it is hard to sit down and write about the games. It is nice to have some time off as well, I hope you guys have that too. Loading up another €10 and aiming for a Video Slot called Adventure Palace.

Day 85 - Big Top

Ok here we go. Today is a perfect day for some casino games, and especially some Video Slots of course. I had the privilege to visit one of my favorite bands concert last weekend. Iron Maiden. The shit. The legends. I am humble. Back to reality and a Video Slot called Big Top.

Day 84 - Supe It Up

It has been 8 days since the last Game Of The Day, sorry for that. Summer has grabbed a firm grip of my time and I have been enjoying the fine weather. Of course I have been playing some at as well, but I have not written anything about the sessions. But now it is time. Today I am playing a Video Slot called Supe It Up.

Day 83 - Dolphin Reef

I managed to stay away from Game of the day for 5 days this time. I have got a couple of hours and the rain is pouring down outside. What could be more perfect than spending a few minutes with a game at Here we go.

Day 82 - Jurassic Jackpot

Summer is here and Game Of The Day will be transformed in to Game Of The Week during the rest of June and July. I have heard some rumors about launching some of the most popular games on iPhone and Android this summer, and I am really looking forward to that.

Day 81 - Moonshine

Ok, new week, new money and hopefully new winnings. Scrolling through our Video Slots section and find a hill billie themed game called Moonshine. Not the sharpest design, but it looks like it has got the features I am looking for in a Video Slot. We´ll see.

Day 80 - Silver Fang

Another short session. I am too tired to do this the serious way. Yesterday was fantastic, but I am paying the prize today. I am playing a Video Slot called Silver Fang. It has all I can wish for; 50 lines, scatters, wilds and Free Spins.

Day 79 - Thunderstruck

Today will be the shortest Game Of The Day ever. I am attending a wedding and can only play for a couple of minutes. Thunderstruck, the original it is. Video Slot, looks old, is popular, has wilds, scatters and Free Spins. Minimum bet to cover all 9 paylines is €0,90 and I bust my €10 in less than two minutes.

Day 78 - Gold Factory

New game released! It is so fresh that there are no pictures or reviews yet. I´ll give you something to read from a Mike perspective. The new game is a Video Slot and it is called Gold Factory. Sound like my kind of game.