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Day 17 - Cool Buck

Before I start the game of the day I browse through our categories. Blackjack, Roulette, Videoslots, Slots, Scratch Cards and Other games. Since I have over 200 games which I still have not played in game of the day, I can more or less close my eyes and pick anyone. I choose to let the chance decide and pick one of the games rolling by in our “Winning now” on the start page, and the game I click on is called Cool Buck.

Cool Buck is a slot machine and looks simple, classic and well designed. It is a 3-reel slot with 5 winning lines. As usual I play all lines but bet low per line, and in this game it means €1,25 per spin. I bring my €270 into the game and start to spin.

I am presented some really classic slots symbols when I enter the game. It does not take too many spins before I hit three single BAR in a row which wins me €5. The next spin gives me €12,5 since I hit three double BAR in a row. Nice start!

I win often and the bank roll is slowly moving up, we’ll see if it lasts. The Dollar symbols are Jokers and replace any other symbol in a winning line. The Dollar symbols are also the ones that can win you the most money, up to 6000 times your bet per line. Since I bet €0,25 per line I can win up to €1500. That would be nice.

Three double BAR again and I am really close to hitting three 7:s which would have won me 300x the bet. €12,50 for the BAR win though. I am still ahead today. 4 times the line bet is won very often, but since I bet 5 lines I am winning less than I bet on those. Better than nothing though, and always nice to win often.

Now I am hitting some Dollar symbols, nice to see that they exist. I did not see any of those during the first 15 minutes. 25 minutes has past now and I am at the same money level as started with. Five more minutes and then I´ll end todays session.

I end with a nice win of €13,75 and spin some more before I shut down, and i finish with exactly the same bank roll, €270.

It was really fun to play a simple and classic slot. No advanced rules to learn and few symbols and winning combinations, which together makes the game simple in a positive sence.

The bank roll is still at a good level. Responsible.