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Day 15 - Cashanova

Some days I am in a hurry when playing Game of the day. Today is one of those days. The half our will probably only be only 10 minutes. I am aiming for an older Videoslots and my choice is Cashanova. With its farm team you will meet symbols like hens, roosters, eggs and much more.

I perform my settings and I choose to bet all 30 lines but with low bets, and every spin will cost €0,60. I bring my €322,28 into the game and spin. First spin is a win and I bounce up to €330,68. Nice start.

The game is stuck! First time that happens to me. The wheels are spinning and spinning and I am forced to shut down the game. When I restart the game I was sure that my last bet would be gone, but I had won instead! Nice, you can always trust €331,28 in the game now.

There seem to be many nice bonus games in Cashanova. One that is called “Barn Bonus”, another “Get Lucky Bonus” and then of course my favorite one, Free Spins. Since I am short on time today I don’t calculate on hitting those though. While writing this, I win again and I now have €334,44.

The rooster is called Roger Rooster (I think I know which Roger they refer to, but i can´t tell you) and you want many of those. He replaces any symbol in a winning line and he seems to be a real Casanova. Eggs on reel 3, 4 and 5 will take me into the Free Spins. I am going for it but miss.
The roosters own gentlemans magazine, HenHouse, seem to pay well, I win some on those.

Haha, I now receive golden feathers on reel 1, 2 and 3 and I enter the Barn Bonus. In there I need to find a hidden key and I have got three chances to find it. On the attempt I do and I win alla bonus amounts in the barn. It also takes med into the hen house where I need to pick a gift for the hottest hen in the barn. As a true romantic I give her a ring, but that was stupid. Who wants a ring from a Casanova? The diamond neckless would have won me more. Anyway, I leave the bonus are with a total win of €12,64, more than ok. Now up at €337,26.

A couple of minutes more, then I will call it a day. I am chasing the Free Spins but miss, and with no big wins I am dropping down to €318,74.

Cashanova has all the ingrediences you can which for in a videoslot. I think the design is a bit flat, but all in all ok with its bright colors. I think it is a bit too bad that the reels does not slow down when I have a chance of a big win. That´s a feature I like in other videoslots.

A few Euros down today, but I can live with that.

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