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Day 124 - Booty Time

I am looking through some of our latest releases and find a pirate themed Video Slot called Booty Time. That one looks good!

I bring my €14 and start spinning. I set the stakes at €0,50 per spin, and hope to hit something big. I assume there is a Free Spins area, and I am of course right. Hit the pirate treasure on reel 1, 3 and 5, and you are in!

Unfortunately this is the coldest Video Slot session in months. I rarely win and when I do it is only a few cents. Doh. Several times I hit the treasure on reel 1 and 3, but number 5 never manage to hit.

My bank roll is bust after only 8 minutes of play, and I never get the chance to look any closer on this Video Slot. I´ll give Booty Time another try some other time, because right now my gut tells me to quit. Responsible as usual.