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Day 14 - Eagle´s Wings

New Slot! As promised we are now adding additional games to our already large offer. The one I am playing today is so new that we have not even had the time to write about it, so I thought it would be good with some Mike-perspective on it. Eagle´s Wings. Sounds cool and looks really nice at a first glance. I find it in the Slots category, but I think it maybe should be in the Videoslots family instead. We’ll see where it ends up.

Eagle´s Wings really looks new. Crisp design, wide betting range, wild symbols replacing others in winning lines and of course my favorite feature; Free Spins. The theme is Indian and you’ll encounter symbols like eagles, feathers and totem coins. Now it is time to play and learn the different features and winning opportunities.

After yesterdays gamble and loss of €101 I am now returning to my more sensible betting level. I bring my €300 into the game and get 30 000 coins. I bet all 25 lines, set the coin value to 0,01 and the number of coins to 3. This means 75 coins per spin. I will play for 30 minutes or stop at 25 000 coins, whichever hits first.

Ok, the game is rolling. Absolutely no wins in the beginning. I have to say “as usual”, since it feels like I am often losing in the beginning of the sessions. I aim for the Free Spins-mode, as usual. I have already been close a couple of times but the last totem-coin has been missing.
Down at 28 200 coins, but an ok win brings me back up to 29 400. Nice. Gah, now I was really close to enter the Free Spins. The first two reels was hit with a coin and I just needed one more in any of the remaining 3 reels, but I missed.

I get a feeling that the bank roll is dropping a bit fast and I realize that I, by mistake, had changed the number of coins to 5, betting 125 per spin. Just when I see it, I hit a big win and bounce back to 29 000 coins again. Lucky. The Eagle´s Wings-symbol is wild and I hit it pretty often, and this time it was all over the place, hence the nice win.

Play the rush, now I am lucky. While writing this text I forgot to lower the bets, but I realize that at the same time as I hit yet another big win. The bank roll is now up at 31 334 coins. Now I’ll lower the bets back to 75.

In gaming experience and winning frequency, my old favorite Mega Moolah has got some competition. Not only from Eagle´s Wings, but also from other Videoslots like Hitman, Fruit Fiesta and Retro Reels DG. The huge Mega Moolah Jackpot still keeps it as number one though.

I win some, lose some now, but after a nice win I am back up at 31 631. 22 minutes has passed. Gah, I am winning nothing during a period and with two minutes left I am down at 27 785. It will for sure be the time limit that hits today, the question is if have the time to enter the Free Spins in only two minutes. Ahh, close call again with two coins on the first two reels, but none on the remaining three.

Times up! 30 minutes has passed and I end the session with 32 228 coins, €322,28, after a win of 5678 coins in the last spin. I feel like I could have won some more but I stick to my promise to end after 30 minutes. I am back as a winner!



Btw, 14 is my lucky number