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Day 11 - Break Da Bank Again

I can´t really digest the game from yesterday, Hitman. It was really fun and I will start today’s Game of the day with playing the Game of yesterday. I decide that I have to keep the bank roll above €20, and start with the same amount that I ended yesterday´s session with, €30.

The flow continues, and I hit all sorts of wins, the Free Spins twice, Bonus-mode twice and also the medallion, that I did not have the pleasure of trying yesterday. It was not too exciting though; it was just clicking on one of the three medallions and win the amount that was hiding behind it. I play Hitman for 22 minutes today and ends at €40.45 in total. Haha, I won again!

Now over to today´s game. I will play yet another video slot, it seems that I am playing the rush in that category. The choice falls on Break Da Bank Again. A suitable name, because I seem to win most of the time right now. As in many other video slots, I need to set the coin value and choose the number of lines. I set the lowest coin value, but  betting lines and amount of coins to the maximum. This costs 90 coins per spin, and I bring my 4045 into the game.

It seems that you want to hit many Safe-symbols. Three or more takes you to the Free Spins-area where you can win up to 375 000 coins. Another symbol to look for: Break da Bank symbol is wild and give prizes x5 when replacing a symbol in a winning line. I hit this in the latest spin and win 1250 coins. I had lost some before so now I am at 3085 coins. 10 minutes played.

Cool. I see now that I get the chance to gamble on every win. I can choose to collect as it is, but I can also gamble on the wins and take a chance at winning even more. I can go for doubling by choosing black or red cards, or quadrupling by selecting one of the card symbols diamonds, spades, hearts or clubs.

I now feel that 90 coins was a bit much to bet so lower to 45 coins per spin to be guaranteed a little more playing time. Responsible if you ask me. I want to get into the bank vault and run the  free spins. I gamble my wins a bit too often and I am down to 1100 coins when something totally crazy happens. I hit two Break da Bank symbols in a winning line and win 37 500 coins! The coins rattle for several minutes as I type this. This win, I will not gamble. I click Collect as fast as I can..

What can I say, my rush at the video slots is still on. Break Da Bank Again is a simple video slot compared to Hitman and Mega Moolah. It has only nine winning lines which mean that you do not win as often. I get that feeling anyway. The symbols are distinct from each other and you will have a good track of what you are winning on.

I do not care about the half-hour limit now and will play until I enter the Free Spins-area since I have not been in there yet. I have the bank roll for it. After a total of 45 minutes, I get the three Safe-symbols and Free Spins start. I leave there with 1475 coins in profit and now has a total of 38 005 coins. A few more minutes now, then I’ll call it a day.

I'm retiring at 37 370 coins. €373.70! Break Da Bank, suitable name.

A little luck, a little positive thinking and great fun. But above all, responsibly as usual.