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Day 116 - Great Griffin

I see that we have a new release of no less than 7 Video Slots! I´ll just pick one from the news feed. Great Griffin looks good, I´ll try that one.

Wow, there are 50 paylines, nice. The downside of that is of course that it will be tough for me with my €5 bank roll, since the lowest bet covering all lines is €0,50.

This Great Griffin-session could become the shortest session ever. We´ll see. Hmmm, it takes me 6 spins before I win anything, €2 left plus the win of €0,34. The reels did not actually have a win at first, but then the Great Griffin flew in and transformed one of the symbols to a Wild. Nice!

There is clearly a Harry Potter-inspired theme in this Video Slot. Mysterious, magical and similar characters. Let me hit something so I get a chance to explore the game more thoroughly.

Doh, just one small win, and I end up with 4 cents left. Better luck next time, I´ll start over with a €10 bank roll.

Responsible, but still not winning.