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Day 114 - Alaxe In Zombieland

Alaxe In Zombieland is up next. It is one of our latest Video Slots, and I am going to enter with my enormous bank roll of €5! Might be a short one today. Or comeback of the year?

Wow! I hit three Scatters in my first spin! The bonus feature allows me to pick different roses. Each rose has a value and after picking 9 roses, the feature was over. I don´t know why, there were more roses to pick. Anyway, I won €4,50 and almost doubled up my bank roll.

The grave yard scenery is dark and creepy. I don´t know if I like it. A bit too dark for my taste. The game itself is modern and up to date though. It has interesting features, I hope to try them all.

Going up and down and feel a bit stressed. Other stuff to take care of and I decide to end the session at €8. I won!

I have seen that Alaxe In Zombieland has become really popular among the players, and I can see why. Frequent wins and nice features. Try it out, and play responsibly.