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Day 111 - Enchanted Mermaid

Ok, here we go again. I don´t have too much time today and I will play quickly through yet another one of our new Video Slots, Enchanted Mermaid. As the name implies I assume I will run into mysterious mermaids and treasures!

I was right. The environment is set under water and Enchanted Mermaids is one of the new Video Slots where design and new features are prioritized. There is no classical treasure like I guessed, instead, the optimal symbol is a big pearl in an oyster which will take you into Free Spins if you hit three of them. The mermaid is Wild and can cover the full reel if you hit her on reel 2 or 4.

My low bank roll forces me to set the bet at €0,25 per spin. All lines are played as usual, but with the lowest possible bet. 10 minutes or bust, that´s today´s limit. Come on, bring me some luck! Do you remember when I played for more than 60 consecutive days with €10? I wonder if that record will ever be beaten.

The mermaid on reels 2 and 4 is hitting often! No big wins though, but it feels like my luck is turning. 6 minutes has passed, €6 on the bank roll. Ouch. Last chance now.

YES! €4,20 left and I hit three oysters and enter Free Spins! In there I can choose from 10, 15 or 20 spins with different multipliers. I pick 15 and win totally €7. Expected more, but it brings me back to €11 anyway. Time to call it a day.

Ended the game with a win, and stopped playing after 10 minutes, like I said I would. Responsible.