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Day 9 - Tomb Raider 2

Today I am in a hurry and I don´t have time to play more than 10 minutes. Which game should I choose then, hmm. I let the chance decide by using our nice feature "I am lucky"-slot, which you find in our first page at Have you seen that one?

I press "Spin" and it stops on the video slot Tomb Raider - Secret of the sword, also called Tomb Raider 2. Exciting, I have heard many good things about that game. I know the

There seems to be Free Spins and lots of different missions with great winning opportunities. The design is really nice and I can tell that it is a game that has been carefully developed. I choose to play the maximum bet today since I have limited time. It is 300 coins which is equivalent to €3 per spin. If I am unlucky, today's game can end after three spins .

I manage to spin seven times and still have 630 coins left. Cross your fingers now. There is a symbol that looks like a medallion or similar and if you get three or more of those it will lead you into the Free Spins mode. They have really managed to build up the excitement by adding a special sound and a delay of the wheels that spin when you have received two medallions, waiting for the third. I get two medallions and bounce up to 980 but missed the FreeSpins mode.

A few wins and losses and the bank roll go up and down. Now, 310 remain, the last spin unless I win. Over and out unfortunately.

I did not expect to get that many spins since I played the maximum bet with my small bank roll of €10, but I did. Definitely I will come back to Tomb Raider - Secret of the sword, but with a minimum of €100 on the bank roll. I have to see how the Free Spins looks.

Like my other favorite video slot, Mega Moolah, I won often in Tomb Raider, which made me constantly feel like I had something big going on. You have to keep the dream alive.

Play! But do it responsibly.