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Day 106 - Throne of Egypt

New Year, New Video Slots, and loads of New cash to win! I hope you have had a warm and loving time during the holidays. I had. But back to reality. Mike is back to play some new and exciting casino games at Join in!

Looking through our latest newsletters and find a Video Slot called Throne Of Egypt. Sound nice, looks good. Let´s try it.

Free Spins, Scatter Bonus and Eagle Bonus and Princess Bonus. Wow, they have really added loads of extra features and winning chances. I am looking forward to entering all of them. And win big of course!

10 minutes has passed. No big wins, and no bonus play. Yet. I´ll give it another ten minutes. Maybe it is time to raise the stakes? My old “bet more when I have lost for a while-tactics”. I´ll try it now. I raise my bet from €0,50 to €1 and aim for the bonus areas! Video Slot Throne of Egypt, here we go!

I am at €140 bank roll right now and my lowest for today is set to €100. Or 10 more minutes. Which ever comes first. I see that the All-seing-eye is a bonus scatter, and I get two of those often, but I need three to enter that specific bonus area. C´mon, give me three!

With €1-bets the wins are nice. I am hitting some wins around €5-€10 each, but no really big one yet. Still waiting to enter any of the numerous bonus areas in this Video Slot, Throne of Egypt. €126 and counting. Down. 5 minutes left if I don´t fall below €100.

Doh. Time is up and the bank roll is at an even €100. Responsible to stick to the plan, but not fun to lose. Despite the loss I will have to recommend Throne of Egypt. Nice design, loads of extra winning features and a wide betting range.