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Day 105 - Scrooge

Now it is time for something new. I am going to play a Video Slot and review it, even though I have already played it before. The reason is of course since it is Christmas time, and I am running out of Christmas games. The game is called Scrooge, and I am not going to read my old review prior to playing it again. We´ll see if the experience will be the same as last time.

Wow, the game remembers me! It is all coming back to me now. The first thing you get to do when you enter the game is to choose between two different extra features in the quest for the entrance to the Free Spins area. And Scrooge remembers where in the calendar I was. Cool!

I pick extra Free Spins and starts to play. If I remember correctly it is more or less all about completing the Christmas calendar, enter the Free Spins and win loads of cash!

Ahh, now I remember how I am earning the days and Free Spins during the game. Every time I win something, I get to pick a random symbol on the reels and I am awarded with either an extra Free Spin, or another day in the calendar. Nice. Here we go, day 4 and 3 Free spins so far, which was saved from my last session in this Video Slot, Scrooge.

I forgot about Xmas Dinner Bonus! That´s a nice one and I win some money in there this time as well. But back to the main goal, Free Spins! I enter with 30 Free Spins, and since I am break even so far you could say I am getting these spins “for free”. C´mon!

Doh! I win €7,95 in 30 Free Spins! That must be an all time low. I am out of here. Except for the bad luck in the end, over all Scrooge is a great Video Slot. Make sure you try it out!

And play responsibly. Merry Christmas!