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Day 104 - Santas Wild Ride

As planned, I continue playing the Christmas-inspired games here at Looking through my older posts, I realize that I have played them already, except for the Video Slot Santas Wild Ride. Let´s try that one!

This one seem to have everything! I set the stakes to €0,90 per spin, and start playing. While the reels are spinning I am looking through the paytable, and before I know it I have won 25 Free Spins. I like this Video Slot already!

In the Free Spins area I get to choose from three different settings. My pick effects the set up and functionality of the wilds during the Free Spins. I chose the one on the left which says Stacked Wilds. I guess that´s just regular wilds replacing any symbols in a winning line.

I leave the Free Spins area with a €25 win. Nice start on this session! Santas Wild Ride has nice design, LOADS of extra features and gifts popping up. Just like a real Christmas game should have; Surprises and Gifts!

Maybe this is my lucky day. Just a few spins later I am in the Free Spins area again! This time I chose the Wild feature in the middle. It says I have the chance to have all the reels covered with Wilds. That would be nice. Doh. What I forgot is that with a chance of a big win, you are also taking the chance of winning nothing, and that´s what happens.

Third time lucky? Anyway, I am in Free Spins again! I have only played for 10 minutes and this must be some kind of personal record. This time I of course chose the feature on the right. Aha, now I get it. When I get a Wild it leaves a trail by dropping to the line below, so if you hit a wild on the top line, it will spread to the lines below giving you more Wilds in the next spin. Nice feature, try it when you get there!

I am out of here! €250 bank roll, and I had a really nice time in Santas Wild Ride. The Christmas feel is there, the innovative features, the music and the design. I can really recommend this Video Slot, especially around Christmas time.

Good luck, and play responsibly!