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Day 7 - Classic Blackjack

Now it's time for some classic blackjack. The game I am about to play is called Classic Blackjack and it is included in Videoslots special "Gold Series", which means that it belongs to an exclusive group of games that have that little extra.

When I go in and look up the game I am pleasantly surprised. As you have seen, all our games are neatly packed in a browser with large and sharp images for you to easily get an overview of the game before you click on it. What I see now is that our talented programmers have added a "mouse-over" functionality in the playlists under the browser. Mouse-over the games and an image of the game will appear. Nice!

Ok, now back to today's game. Wow, I am really surprised when I start the game and see that I have 2000 in the bank roll! The joy is short though, it takes a few seconds, but then I realize that I have not logged in yet. I was in "play mode". Doh, as Homer had said. You've seen that you can play almost all of our games absolutely free and for fun, right?

I've played blackjack many times in restaurants and in casinos around the country and the world, and I'm probably not alone. I am a bit cautious when I play blackjack and I rarely hit a new card if I get 12 or higher and the dealer's first card is 6 or lower. Then I always take a chance on him to go bust. However, I know now that the probability says that I should take a card at 13 or lower, so I'll do that when I play today.

Minimum bet in Classic Blackjack Gold is €1 and that is what I will bet, at least at first. I will also go on gut feeling and bet more if I have lost a few in a row, and vice versa if I have won several in a row. Assuming I win a bit at the beginning of course. First hand, the dealer gets a ten and I get a ten and a nine. Nineteen, I'll stay of course. Dealer's second card is an eight and the first win is a fact.

Next hand I get 17 and the dealer as well, and I get back my bet. Good! It is not in any blackjack game you split with the dealer at 17. I do not know the exact rules on all our different variations of Blackjack, but I will return to the all of them at some point during today's game. After a loss I now bet €2, but lose again. Back to the €1 bet and I hit Blackjack. €9.50 in the bank roll now.

Now I get JT and find that I cannot split the cards in this game. It is really a stripped-down, simple version of Blackjack. I personally like the fact that there are not too many added options, complicating things for an amateur like myself. 18 minutes played now and €10.50 in the roll.

I am playing the rush. I win three times in a row and in one of the hands I had bet €2 hitting a blackjack. €15.50 in the bank roll now and just five minutes left to play. Strange. Now I suddenly get an opportunity to split with JJ. I read the rules in the upper left on the table and see that it actually may split, but only like tens. Sorry for any confusion. I now have the option to double a bet when I get to 9 with two cards and the dealer has an 8. I take the chance and hit a lady that takes me up to €16.50.

The last three hands now and I bet €2 per hand. The day ends at € 14.50 as I lose two and win one of the last hands. I finish playing as promised and end the session with a win again.

Responsibly was the word, right?