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Day 103 - Deck The Halls

We have entered the month of Christmas! Of course I need to start celebrating this by playing one of our Christmas-inspired Video Slots. Looking around for a moment and decide to play a Video Slot called Deck The Halls.

During December I will focus on finding our different Christmas themed Video Slots. I know we have a few, and if you want to try them out before I do, you can go to Ho Ho Ho, Santas Wild Ride, Gift Rap, Scrooge or Freezing Fuzzballs. Let´s play some Video Slots and get into the Christmas spirit!

My latest sessions are starting to worry me. My bank roll has been falling like a rock and I am afraid I need to see some big changes in my winning patterns in order to get back up on my feet. The Video Slot, Deck The Halls, has 30 paylines and I decide to bet 2 coins ending up with a €0,60 bet per spin. Which me luck.

As usual I am aiming for Free Spins, and I need 3 bells or more to enter there. I am sorry to say but my gut tells me I am not going to win any big today. You ever had that feeling? It´s often the other way around as well though. You can “feel” when you are going to win. I need to get into the right mood I guess.

The bells are there but I never manage to catch more than two at a time. I am running out of cash and I could use some Free Spins now. 20 minutes have passed and I am actually below the €10-limit now. Scary. Where did the positive Christmas feeling go?

WOW! Right when I was down in my shoes, giving up hope, I hit something really big! It turns out I did not need to hit the Free Spins. I hit stacked Santas and two double bonus symbols all over the place and win €160 in one spin! Merry Christmas Mike!

Things have turned around, I can feel it. Or maybe I should not trust my feelings. I thought I was going to lose, but I won. Yeah, yeah, you can´t always be right. As long as I am responsible and winning, I am happy. A few more spins, play the rush and then I am done for today.

The Deck The Halls session ends with a bank roll of €145. Nice! Responsible!