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Day 102 - Pollen Nation

Ok, on my way to bed, just checking some last stuff on the computer. End up playing one of our Video Slots called Pollen Nation instead of going to sleep. Hmm, not totally responsible, but I won´t be long. I promise.

I am having trouble to separate the different symbols. I don´t know if it has to do with the time of day, or if it´s just a blur of colors. Or a blur of one and the same color. The only time I can see if I am about to hit something good is when the baby-symbol appear, since that one vibrates when it hits.

Three or more of the vibrating baby will take you in to something called Babee Bonus where you can land loads of cash. I manage to hit two babee symbols several times, but not the third one. I am down at €70 now, and it is time to call it a night. I´ll be back tomorrow to finish this game.

Ok, I am back. A few more spins into the game but still no miracle. €61 bank roll now, and I am trying something new. Expert mode! I definitely feel like an expert after playing and reviewing over 100 games. In expert mode I can choose Auto play, and that is what I do. I let the auto pilot spin 10 times in a row without me doing anything. Nice, feels like Free Spins.

Doh. The difference from Free Spins is of course that I am paying for each spin, and Pollen Nation makes me aware of that. Believe me. €46 bank roll now. I decide to play 100 spins in Auto Play and set it to stop if I win at least €100, and then I´ll call it a day regardless of the outcome. Here we go.

Wow, after five spins I finally enter the Babee bonus area, where I get to reveal different numbers. I win €12 in there, and I re-start the Auto Play.

I hit Babee Bonus once again and I end the session with €58 in the bank roll. Still money left and I am looking forward to some winnings next time.

I don´t know about the level of responsibility regarding the Auto Play, but I had to try.