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Day 101 - Lucky Witch

New Video Slot, I have to try that one of course! The game is called Lucky Witch and seems to be inspired by Halloween. It looks good at first glance and I am sure it will meet my expectations. Game on!

Lucky Witch has 15 paylines and the betting starts at €0,15 playing all lines. I decide to bet exactly that for 30 spins, hope for a cold period and then raise the bets to €1,05 and hopefully start hitting the different bonus features. There are many of those, believe me.

You´ll find Scatters that will take you in to Free Spins. There is a Mystery Bonus, Magic Potion Bonus, Pumpkin Bonus, Secret Vault Bonus and Spell Book Bonus. This must be a record in different bonuses in one and the same Video Slot. Will I hit any of those?

My tactics seem to be right so far. I am playing €0,15 per spin and the game is freezing cold. My bank roll is moving steadily down, and now it is time to raise the bets to €1,05. Here we go.

Still cold. What has happened? I am closing in on €100 on the bank roll and I am winning nothing. I have played for over 20 minutes and have not managed to enter one single bonus area. Scary.

Wow, now I hit three Scatters and it is time for 12 Free Spins! My bet is €1,05 and I should be able to recover. Doh! I manage to hit nothing for the first 11 spins, and on my last one I win €9. The Witch is really evil today. I am setting my lower limit to €50. I refuse to go under that in this session.

Disaster! I manage to hit Free Spins again, but this time I win €5,50. Incredible. Bank roll at €77 now, I am giving it another 20 spins and then I am out. I think I could really like this game, the design is there, the extra bonus features and the overall experience is good. I am just not winning enough.

Responsibly stopped playing after hitting yet another Free Spin. The bank roll is now at €97. Phew.