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Fifth game - Premier Roulette Diamond

Roulette! Now it's time for my absolute favorite. The game that has fascinated and engaged millions of people since it was first introduced sometime in the 1800s. Stories about roulette abound. Do you remember the Swede who sold everything he had and went to Vegas to put everything on red? He won a million if I remember correctly.

I've always been fascinated by gaming mathematics and sat a long time as a teenager and calculated at different probabilities based on that I “read” where the dealer would roll of the ball. If I could predict which half of the roulette wheel the ball would end up in, it was enough to bet on a few numbers to get an edge towards the Bank. If I also increased the bets after every loss, I was a winner. Such tactics require quite a large bankroll, and I have never dared to try for real. Play responsibly, or what do I usually say?

Now we leave the land-based casinos and jump into the online roulette at We have several different Roulettes to choose from and I'm going to play through all of them during Game of the day. Today I start with Premier Diamond Roulette. Stylish design in 3D, real casino sounds and a roulette wheel that you can clearly follow the ball on. It fits my taste.

The minimum bet is €0.25 per number and again I bet low since I have only €10 with me into the game. I bet on my favorite number, 14, and hedging with the numbers that are next to it on the wheel, 1, 9, 31. This makes it more exciting when you have a small slice to follow while the wheel and the ball spins.

I miss the first spin, the ball lands on number 30. May sound like it is close to 31 but it is actually a quarter away on the wheel. Spin number two, 30 again! What are the odds? Nice with a Rebet feature since I'll play the same numbers all the time (I think, we'll see how it goes with that if I win). 34, across the table from my numbers. €6 remaining.

Now the ball lands in 36. 30+ seems to be today's numbers. 17, it is getting closer, or not. It was as far away as you can get from 14 when looking at the wheel. 22! Now it was really close, two numbers away. 26, far away again.

14! Finally! I was down to only €2 left but now won €9 and bounced up to €11 in total. A few more wins like that and I'll start playing a little harder and go for bigger wins. Yes, a hit on number 1. Now up in in €19. 15 minutes has passed.

Now I put a mat on number 14 and cover numbers 10-18 with different bets. If I hit 14 again I will win big. Total bet is €4.25, four spins if I do not win anything. First spin hit number 1, two numbers away from 14. Three spins left. I miss again but hit number 18 in the following spin. €14 on the bank roll now. 25 minutes have passed. Will I win today as well?

Two misses and then hits number 10, back at €14. Now down to €2 after a couple of high numbers again and now I go all in on two numbers. 5 and 14. €1 bet per number. I'm retiring after this spin no matter how it goes. Is it going to be €0 or €36?

I had almost forgotten how exciting and entertaining it is to play roulette. Lost today, but had great fun.

New day tomorrow

Play well and responsibly