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Day 99 - Avalon

Long time no see, but Mike is back! We have had lots of stuff to do here at, and we are expanding rapidly. We are glad to welcome some more co-workers during November! I promise to be more frequent on the next two Game Of The Day, and I am starting with a Video Slot called Avalon.

It is nice to be back spinning the wheel again. By old habits I set the values at all paylines, which are 20 in Avalon, and three coins which gives me a total bet of €0,60 per spin. €227 on the bank roll, I´ll manage. I think. I hope.

I start spinning and hit some small wins. I check out the paytable and find that there is a wild, a scatter, extra wilds during Free Spins and a chance to gamble my winnings. I won´t do that though. We know how that ends. Been there, done that.

10 minutes played, and the bank roll is moving steadily. Down. €202 on the bank roll now. My low limit today is set to €170. I will play for another 15 minutes unless I don´t fall below €170. Hit me with some Free Spins! By the way, Avalon looks good, and reminds me of Narnia. Could it be inspired by that maybe, or am I missing something here? Maybe there is a movie or story for Avalon as well? Looks nice anyway.

While I am playing I want to congratulate Mathias from Sweden who won €5000 in our Video Slots yesterday. Congratulations, the money is in your bank account in a couple of days! I wonder if there are any winnings left for me. Maybe my bank roll is funding Mathias´ win…

Wow, I hit FOUR wilds in one spin! I was expecting a rain of cash, but I manage to win only €4,85 since there were low-price-symbols around the wilds. Doh.Ok, back at €202 after dipping below €200. I will give it 10 more spins, with a bet of €1 per spin. Keep your fingers crossed.

Down to €190 after my LAST spin, and I manage to hit a decent win of €13. Time to call it a day. Until next time, enjoy responsibly!