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Game three - Major Millions

Here we go again. I was going to play today's game in peace and quiet this morning, but today is Sunday which means family time, and with two small boys who need their attention, it's been busy all day. Now, at half past nine in the evening, the computer is finally up and running.

I continue "Game of the day" with playing yet another video slot, and pick one with a progressive jackpot, Major Millions. I do not know what the guaranteed jackpot in Major Millions is (will check it up), but today it has reached €437.463. Is it my turn?

The first difference that I notice, compared with Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck II, is that the number of coins to bet is locked to one. What controls the total bet per spin is the choice of the number of rows. It costs €0.20 per line and maximum number of lines is 15. This means a maximum bet of € 3 per spin. This leads to today's important decisions. Should I go all in and place the maximum bet risking being out in 3 spins, or should I choose a lower bet hence securing many spins? Had I asked Videoslots CEO, Alexander, he would not have hesitated. He would say ALL IN for sure.

I decide on a mix and plan to run six 3-line bets for €0.60 per spin to finish with a 2- line bets and two max bets. If I win I will get more spins of course, but there we have at least minimum for the day. In order to win the Major Millions progressive jackpot you must bet max, so I have at least a theoretical chance of winning it with the plan I've just set up. Here we go.

Ok, the first minimum bets hit nothing and now I have two max bets left. Cross your fingers. Misses the first, but, YES, nailed the second one and I bounced up to €11.45 in my last spin. Now I will continue with max bets and believe it or not, the next spin is also a hit and I'm now up to €17.69. Should I stop there perhaps? No, it's only been 17 minutes since I started (I'm writing while I play, that's why it takes some time) and I play up to 30 minutes as long as there is money in the bank roll.

Now I play another 10 spins with max bet, I have won some small winnings on the road and has €9 left. A few misses and I am now down to €1.25. I bet it all and....lose.

Major Millions is a game I will play again for sure. It is simple and clear and with a vivid dream about the big money. It requires little more than €10 in the bank roll, however, next time I'm taking at least ten times that with me to the game.

Play well and responsibly, like me.

By the way, the jackpot in Major Millions seems to always be at least €250,000.