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Day 97 - Money Mad Monkey

Time for a brand new game, a Videoslot called Money Mad Monkey. It is so fresh we have not had time to write about it, and no picture of the game is up yet. So I thought I would play it and give you an idea from a Mike perspective.

20 paylines, and i play them all as usual. The stakes go from €0,20 per spin and up. With my new €200 bank roll I guess I can afford to play €0,60 per spin, but this time I am trying a new tactic. I will start playing €0,20 per spin, and after 10 minutes I will raise my bets to €1 per spin for another 10 minutes. This will give me an average bet of €0,60. Let´s just hope I win big during my last 10 minutes.

Nice looking Videoslot this Money Mad Monkey. It looks brand new with nice design and extra features. Wilds, extra bonuses and scatters. It all there! 5 minutes played, and no big win so far. A few more minutes and then some €1 bets.

Wow, that was close. I got bonus symbols on the first two reels, and that made the last three reels to slow down. Nice. Did not hit the third one though. Still €0,20 per spin. €185 left on the bank roll now.

Ok, it is time for €1 spins. I will not go lower than €150, that´s todays bottom. YES! Just a few €1 spins and then I hit three bonus symbols. In there you have the chance to win different multipliers, and I manage to hit 50X my stake. €50! Nice timing with the raised bet.

€222 on the bank roll, and responsible Mike is back. I end today´s session and feel good. Money Mad Monkey is really worth a try. If you like a well designed and modern Video Slot, you will love this one.

Enjoy responsibly!