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Day 95 - Prime Property

Wow, time really flies. It´s been two weeks since the last Game Of The Day. Sorry for that, but things have been busy. We are constantly working on bringing you the best online casino experience here at, and trust me when I say that you will see some nice extra features and gaming experiences in the near future. Let´s play!

Today I am finding my game through the Winning Now list. One of our players is winning in a video slot called Prime Property. I have never played that one, so the time has come. As you all know I now have a bank roll of €100. I like!

In Prime Property you can play up to 40 lines, and that is of course what I do. I set the stakes at €0,80 per spin, I feel I need to bet a bit more than usual since I have a larger bank roll. Going for even more money!

I start spinning the reels and find that this video slot is simple and nice. Wilds are there, Scatters of course, and last but not least, Free Spins. I won a lot in the Free Spins area in The Lord Of The Rings, and I am of course hoping for the same result in Prime Poperty.

Win some, lose some. I am frequently rewarded with some nice wins, but still my bank roll is dropping like a stone. And that´s when it happens. At €67, €33 down, I enter the Free Spins area. It has a nice extra feature where you get to choose different houses, and behind every house there is a multiplier or an extra number of free spins. The Free Spins start when you pick the house hiding the Start Free Spins-sign. You do not want to hit that one to early.

I am really lucky and get to turn ALL houses except for the last one, giving me 33 Free Spins at 6X multiplier. Yeehaa! I actually leave the computer, letting out the dog in the back yard, fetch me a glass of water, and when I get back to the computer the Free Spins are over and I have won €103! The bank roll is now at €170. Finally. Mike is back for real!

Excited and feeling good. Responsible as I am I decide to end today´s session when ahead. Did you?

Enjoy Responsibly!