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Day two - Thunderstruck II

Time for day number two and also game number two. I'm happy with yesterday's game on the Mega Moolah. I was really eager to continue for a while since I ended the session with some losses. It felt like I would soon hit some greater wins. I will try it again later on, and will get back to you with a short report.

Today I challenge my, until now, most unfortunate game Thunderstruck II. It is hugely popular among casino players and there must be a good reason for that, therefore I'll give it another chance. I do not think I understand the game's different winning features and thus have become a bit hostile. Now it is the time to learn.

The game is running and it seems to have several Free Spins features to hit, that sounds fun. Just like when I played Mega Moolah yesterday I bet one coin per spin, which in Thunderstruck means 30x1 coins. I start the game with 1331 coins and play it down to 700 before I win the first time, and bounce back up to 850.

I am discovering now that the Thunderstruck II-symbol is wild and replaces any other symbol in a winning line, plus it doubles the wins. In other words just like the lion in Mega Moolah. In this game, you have 243 different ways to win and it seems like the goal of the game is to get into something called "The Great Hall Of Spin". That sounds nice.

Down to 547 coins now after a couple of small wins, but, unfortunately, more losses. I have to read on how to make it into that free-spin-hall. Aha, I only need three or more of the “bonus” symbols in a row from the left. I continue playing and keep my fingers crossed because I am now running out of cash. I see now that the top prize in Thunderstruck II is 2.4 million coins. Not more than right that I win those.

Wow, I've been so concentrated on learning the game, that I forgot to look at the clock. 27 minutes now, and 152 coins left. 5 more spins left if I do not win anything, and the half hour almost over anyway. I'll hurry.

With 62 coins left, a box flashes and says I have "locked up" a feature but nothing more happens, I wonder what that was. I spin the last two times and run out of money just when the clock passes 30 minutes. I started to get some idea of what the game is about but I feel that I need at least an hour of play to get good control. And then hitting some wins as well. I mean, the game can’t possibly be one of the most popular in the industry if you never win. Right?

You players who are used to Thunderstruck II are probably now sighing and thinking “what a moron”. I'm not an expert on all casino games and have almost no previous playing time in this game. If you have any tips and tricks for Thunderstruck, email me!

New game tomorrow.

Play well and responsibly!