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Day 94 - The Lord Of The Rings - Progressive

Ok, believe it or not, but I am back playing The Lord Of The Rings faster than I thought. Today the game was re-launched as a progressive Video Slot instead of an ordinary one. And not just any progressive! It shares the progressive pot with Mega Moolah, which means that the Jackpot will always be AT LEAST €1.000.000! While writing this, the jackpot has reached €3.364.000. It is mine!

Ok, let´s see if there are any new features from last gig. I start it up like last time and set my stakes at €0,30 per spin. At first glance it looks the same, except for the four different jackpots rolling above the reels. Mithril is the big one, and then you´ve got Gold, Silver and Bronze. Small ones that will hit more or less all the time. Nice!

There are more film clips rolling by behind the transparent reels, and the sound effects are taken from the epic movie. This is great! Another new feature I discover now is that Gollum is popping up at different occasions. He seems to be on my side, and does all these crazy things. He adds multiplier to the wins, he nudges the reels giving me extra wilds, he holds the wilds and re-spins the rest, he adds extra cash to the wins and more. Great feature!

Three rings or more still takes you in to the Free Spins area, and I manage to do that THREE times during this extra session. Gollum is in here as well. He adds multipliers, he gives me extra free spins and more wilds. I like! I hit some nice wins in the Free Spins features, and I end today´s session with a bank roll of €100!

The Lord Of The Rings was a great Video Slot. The Lord Of The Rings with a progressive jackpot RULES! A great game just got even greater. The experience was perfect since I won as well. Mike is back! €100 bank roll. That was a long time ago.

Enjoy Responsibly!