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One game a day

After being a part of the development of, I felt I did not want to end my involvement there. We currently have more than 200 games, but then you should know that there were “only” 165 games when we signed with Microgaming in December. In other words, they added more than 40 games before we had even released Video Slots. Well done Ash, beyond our expectations!

So, my plan now is to play one game a day starting tomorrow. Write about the outcome, say a few words about my personal opinion of the game, its quality and the gaming experience. Whether I liked it or not.

Since MGS already has delivered beyond our expectations, I think I will be able to write about one new game every day, for a whole year. 365 games, is that possible? I'm starting now so we'll see how many games they manage to add before we reach today's 200+. I write as long as there is a new game to play.

I am convinced that it will be a roller-coaster ride including wins, losses, laughter, tears, adrenaline and excitement. Everything you would expect of a real online casino, and it will be really fun.

In the future I'm hoping for an opportunity for you players to comment on the games I write about, right here on the site, but until then I would appreciate your comments sent to

Play well and responsibly!