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Day 88 - Elementals

Finally! After some lazy days in the sun it is now time to play some at I know we have got some new games since last time and I am excited to try one of our latest additions; Elementals. It is a brand new Video Slot, and I think it has been set to pay Mike a lot of money!

Elementals seem to include all my favorite features. Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins. There is also a double-up chance after every win, but as you know, that is not one of my favorite ones. Is this the day my luck turns? I am confident I will hit the Free Spins and cash in the big bucks!

Unlike many other Video Slots with Free Spins-features, Elementals has it its own Free Spins symbol instead of using the Scatters as Free Spins-activators. If you hit the “E” in the sun-symbol on reels 1 and 5 you are rewarded 20 Free Spins.

I hit the symbol often on reel 1, but it just won´t appear on reel 5. C´mon! After 14 minutes of play, my bank roll is down to €4. The theme and design in Elementals is really inspired by the old comic book, and now also the movie, The Fantastic Four. I guess they didn´t want to pay royalties to the owner of the brand, and made their own instead. Looks good anyway.

Ok, I have gotten a lot of play time so far. Been playing for 32 minutes now, and still €4 left. It would be nice with a big win though. One minute later I am bust. Doh! I need to find a way to take me back to the winning streak. Mental coaching maybe? Any tips?

New game. New €10. New mind set. See you all again soon.